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Chip 2 years ago
What am I the only American watching this shit ?? This guy must be the biggest douche bag I’ve ever seen . Congrats on the sex and decent camera angles but fuck this guy . Fuckin turd
Sam 1 year ago
Would love to know her name, see her in something other than this terrible video.
Johnny 1 year ago
Yo I don't know why.... but this guy is nasty. Guess they had to pay her a bunch of money to fuck this guy. I would love to knock his teeth out.
Daf 2 years ago
Name please
11 months ago
I'd love to fuck her in her fine tight ass...
cum in my ass and throught 10 months ago
Umm I need cum in my butt iv been fuckin my dildo but it don't cum I want all the black and white jizz in my used up butt some one come stretch my boi pussy please
2 weeks ago
"She dont understand german"? Well, her German is likely to be better than the writer's English!
Lol 3 weeks ago
Welcome to German porn where everything is caricatural.
Girl is gorgeous though.
Some Guy 2 months ago
Couldn’t even watch more than the pickup. He’s an ugly fuck.
Ähm 5 months ago
Good one